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Genres: Crime , Drama , Romance
Actors: James Cagney , Madge Evans , Arthur Byron , Allen Jenkins , Dudley Digges , Frankie Darro , Sheila Terry , Robert Barrat , Allen ‘Farina’ Hoskins , Harold Huber , Dorothy Peterson , G. Pat Collins , Edwin Maxwell , John Marston , William V. Mong
Director: Archie Mayo
Country: United States
Year: 1933
IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 (544 votes)

Five members of a teen-age gang, including leader Jimmy Smith, are sent to the State Reformatory, presided over by the melodramatically callous Thompson. Soon, Patsy Gargan, a former gangster appointed Deputy Commissioner as a political favor, arrives complete with hip flask and blonde. Gargan falls for activist nurse Dorothy and, inspired by her, takes over the administration to run the place on radical principles. But Thompson, to conceal his years of graft, needs a quick way to discredit Gargan… Written by Rod Crawford Young juvenile delinquents are sent to reform school in the hope that they will get an education and mend their ways. What they find when they get there is a quasi-military regimen with the facility’s superintendent beating boys for the slightest infraction. They are served bad food and the environment is anything but educational. When ward boss Patsy Gargan is given a political appointment as deputy commissioner for the area, he decides he’s going to shake things up. He treats the boys with respect and gives them some authority over their own lives. The superintendent isn’t keen on the changes however and works to dismantle everything Gargan puts in place.

Film Review

At first viewing, The Mayor Of Hell seems like a step backwards for Cagney after his successes in films such as The Public Enemy and Taxi, because it feels so low budget.It feels more like a showcase for Frankie Darro than anything else, with Cagney just drafted in to a supporting role to give the movie some box office appeal.Frankie Darro plays Jimmy Smith, the leader of a street gang sent to a reform school for petty crimes. The courtroom scene where he is sentenced, tries to define the characters of these boys by explaining the cause of their delinquent ways, Smith is no good because his dad is no good and so on.In the Reform School, the boy's soon find out that it is the most inappropriately named institution ever, as there is virtually no schooling and even less reform, as the treatment dished out to them is just as bad as the food they are forced to eat, courtesy of cruel Warden Thompson, (Dudley Digges). In fact the only person that seems to care about the welfare of these …

"The Mayor Of Hell" has the feel of an early Dead End Kids film, but with a much harder edge and very few light spots, preceding the first appearance of the Dead Enders by four years. James Cagney has a full screen opening credit, even though technically, the 'mayor' of the movie's title is actually portrayed by Frankie Darro, one of several boys sent to reform school during the opening scenes. Darro's character is Jimmy Smith, a young tough who's befriended by 'Patsy' Gargan (Cagney), and is elected to the position when Gargan takes a chance at humanizing conditions at a state reformatory.Warner Brothers made a lot of these types of films, attempting to provide a conscience of sorts in an era that knew only too well about the effects of crime and poverty. This movie is quite gritty, with no apologies for ethnic stereotyping, as in the submissive posture of a black father in court or the way a Jewish kid gets to run a candy shop in the refo…

I just saw this movie on Turner (thank God for Turner or there'd be nothing to watch!) and really, surprisingly, enjoyed it. I wasn't expecting much, but it's hard to miss with early Cagney and pre-code Warners Brothers.This movie is about a gang of slum kids who are sent to a cruelly run reformatory. There are several ethnic stereotypes – the Jewish father more interested in his business than his kid, the Black father who can barely speak coherently, etc., but I think the movie overcomes the stereotypes with its depictions of the kids' lives in the prison school. I especially liked how the black kid, Farina from the Our Gang comedies, is allowed to be a real person who comforts one of the white kids on their first scary night there, and then is allowed to become a lawyer in the all juvenile run courtroom that Cagney allows them to create. There are many touching scenes here about how the boys relate to each other and develop solidarity and understanding, while fac…